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Published: 14th March 2012
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Every review has been praising the eSources directory so much that nonusers are curious about it. The review sites have given top ratings to the eSources B2B directory. Not only that, but every review has even given advice to newbies on how to make the most of this directory.

Considering the modest 25-pound fee, the benefits are immense, says one review. It does not matter whether you are a small-time retailer or have a brick-and-mortar store. What matters is the quality of suppliers you find on this site, which is perhaps the best among all wholesale sites, says the review.

Be Informed

First, you should go through the e-mail courses carefully. ESources does not charge anything for the courses, and the information provided helps buyers in their businesses. The review tells people that the e-mail courses are particularly helpful for new business owners who are lost and confused in the unfamiliar world of e-commerce.

But, the courses also benefit experienced buyers. An review says that the advanced courses pack a lot of information about some little-known but highly successful strategies of marketing and e-commerce. The member also gets a lot of case studies to learn fromóthe experience of other people is the second-best learning tool, the first being your own.

Donít forget the market research reports, adds another review. Generally, such reports are very expensive but, thanks to eSources, you can now assess the demand and interest for any product category. By studying the market beforehand, you will avoid the costly mistake of investing where there is no demand.

Search Smart

How do you find the best suppliers on eSources? One review shares a tip. Browse through the product categories first, and click on the appropriate category. This way, you not only get to see the suppliers who offer your preferred products, you will also be able to explore similar products that could form a lucrative line of business.

If you donít find the product, continues the review, the next step would be to search using the product name as key word. This is usually a faster process, and you get highly targeted results. You can also set the search parameters to a particular location or type of supplier.

What if you cannot find a product even after searching through the database? In that case, says the review, you should post a buy request, which alerts suppliers to your requirement. Your request will reach hundreds of suppliers, and they will contact you with leads.

ESources does offer many resources to those searching for online leads on suppliers. However, a lot of buyers forget that eSources is a comprehensive B2B resource, not just a dropshipping directory. That is why they miss out on many other opportunities. For example, says one review, buyers do not always check out the Auction page, which offers information about auctions being held all over the UK. These auctions are good places not just to source products but also to network within the supplier community.

Leveraging eSources smartly will help your business grow, and that is the best reason to learn all you can about this B2B directory. review sites list the various features you can use to build a stronger, more powerful business. reviews tell people how esources directory buyers find the most suitable products.

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